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RP Missions seeks to provide opportunities for God’s people to serve Christ through short-term efforts partnering with established congregations and mission stations. Our primary tasks are to Serve Christ and His Church, Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and Disciple the Nations.

Our trips are primarily aimed at young people (Sr. High through College) but do consider groups who would like to get acquainted with missionary service. We desire to see Christian men and women grow in their confidence to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to grow in service to Christ and His Church.

You will enjoy working alongside pastors, elders, deacons, missionaries and other church workers that can inspire you with their vision and aid you in discovering the tools that God has been pleased to give you through regular study of His Word and the investment of your parents and local church.

If you have an overwhelming desire to serve Christ, to reach the “lost” with the good news of Jesus Christ, and if you are eager to get to know brothers and sisters in Christ from across His kingdom, we hope you will consider applying for an RP Missions trip!

Our mission efforts are open to young people from the United States and Canada.

Mission/Vision Statement

1 To help God’s people develop a “Servant’s Heart” and to actively seek to serve God in their congregations, communities, schools, homes, and workplaces.

2 To introduce God’s people to missions and full-time Christian service, opening up opportunities for them to use the gifts and talents God has given them to serve in the church and to perhaps consider serving in the mission field in the future.

3 To expose God’s people to the vast number of opportunities to share the gospel in everyday settings, to dispel fears of presenting the gospel, and to challenge them to provide their family, friends, and community with a consistent Christian witness.

4 To develop leadership skills in God’s people, and to encourage them to use these skills in Christ’s Kingdom.

5 To build new relationships, encourage one another spiritually, keep each other accountable to God’s Word, and develop necessary tools for evangelistic outreach.

6 To encourage existing congregations by joining them in work, worship, and evangelism, and to strengthen relationships between churches in America and those worldwide.

7 To connect team members and host congregations, introducing them to the great variety of witnessing opportunities around them as they work together to proclaim the gospel message.

8 To give God’s people a greater understanding of Reformed theology and its Biblical principles and how they drive the work of Missions.

Doctrinal Statement

Today, too often when someone mentions “doctrine” it evokes a rolling of the eyes or a “flee/flight” response. Such a response demonstrates a lack of appreciation for something that at its core is designed to propel the Christian outward to face off against the efforts of our enemy, Satan, and which when understood will grant us confidence to communicate the great truths of God’s Word. Doctrine is not a replacement for the Word, but an attempt to bring the whole counsel of God into a form that makes it easy to know and to relay to those Christ puts across our paths.

So as our teams go out, we do so in service to the leadership of the host congregation. We seek to work in concert with them to present a coherent and winsome presentation of the life giving gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to express the exclusive claims of Christ so that all we come in contact with will know that apart from Christ there is no possible way unto salvation. We also seek to help people to know that the benefits that are ours in Christ are due to His accomplished works and not our own so that we all might praise His most deserving name.

We are a short-term missions organization, operating under the authority and oversight of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (RPCNA – see also www.rpcna.org). RP Missions seeks to carry out missions from a consistently Reformed and Biblical perspective giving us the capability of ministering with uniformity of doctrine which aids in the proclamation of the gospel and its being understood by those who hear it.

Rather than traveling to areas that won’t have the capability to do follow-up work, we partner with established congregations and/or missionaries on-site. Our motto is “Serve. Proclaim. Disciple.” and everything we do on these missions trips is based on our desire to serve Christ and His Church and to proclaim the gospel and to see nations discipled for Christ. We seek to aid and implement the programs of the host congregations, rather than take our own agendas or programs to mission sites.

Each project is unique, based on the particular needs and current events of the host congregation, but typical activities might include: assisting with vacation Bible schools, door-to-door evangelism, street evangelism and literature distribution, leading investigative Bible studies, helping congregations implement their outreach programs, providing able hands for manual labor, studying the history of Christianity in each respective country, leading conversational English classes, learning about the language and culture of each country, working in inner city and homeless centers, and more.

RP Missions is committed to the inerrancy of Scripture and to the Reformed Faith as summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Shorter and Larger Catechisms.

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