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Short Creek Dream Center STM

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Short Creek Dream Center STM is one of the most unique mission experiences you’ll find anywhere in the US. Based in Colorado City, AZ we are loving and serving the FLDS community who was ravaged by cult leader Warren Jeffs as seen on the popular NETFLIX documentary ” Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey”.
Short Creek Dream Center is now reaching our community and a part of the healing now taking place. You will participate in a wide variety of community outreaches. This includes assisting people in the community with household projects and community service projects.
One example is our City Help Food Bank.
The Short Creek Dream Center operates the City Help Food Bank which helps provide critical food resources to over 1500 people in the Short Creek area. This includes over 100,000 pounds of food monthly.
You’ll also interact with the women and children who are still in the FLDS as we love and serve without any agenda. Our motto is ” Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it” come be a part of this incredible opportunity!

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