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Students International

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Students International does long-term, ongoing community development in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

The International Office, located in Visalia, California provides leadership, supervision, and service in the areas of funds development, human resources, information technology, finance and administration, ministry and program development, and organizational marketing.

At Students International, our ultimate vision is to see students and the communities they serve transformed into the likeness of Christ and discover their true calling. Students International focuses on short-term missions that help without hurting, by placing our students with long-term missionaries who are fully integrated into the community and who aren’t taking jobs away from local laborers.

Mission/Vision Statement

Our Mission:
Bringing students and the poor together cross-culturally, to encounter God, share the Good News, disciple and serve others in occupational ministries.

What does this mean?
We change the lives of students and the poor by taking students to foreign countries to do projects and service with the poor that are focused on bringing people closer to Christ.

Our Vision:
To see students and the poor transformed into the likeness of Christ and discover their true calling.

What does this mean?
As a result of our mission, we see students and the poor have significant experiences with God, discover why He created them and understand what He wants them to do with their gifts, capabilities and interests.

Founded in 1993 Students International is a non-profit, non-denominational mission organization.

Doctrinal Statement

The doctrinal basis of Students International is the basic Biblical truths of Christianity including:

1. The unique Divine inspiration, entire trustworthiness and authority of the Bible.

2. The Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

3. The necessity and efficacy of the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ for the redemption of the world, and the historic fact of His bodily resurrection.

4. The presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the work of regeneration.

5. The expectation of the personal return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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