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Whether you are serving in your home country or abroad you are most likely stepping into a community that is culturally different than the neighborhood you call home. God made a diverse world with thousands of different people groups all crafted in his image and loved by Him. Take time to learn as much as you can about the culture, traditions and predominate religion where you will be serving. It’s important to honor the culture you will be serving in and identify things that you have in common with one another.


  • Poverty Encounter– an immersive exhibit that offers virtual tours of Guatemala, Haiti, Nepal, and Romania to educate guests of all ages on global poverty. Poverty Encounter is an initiative of Children’s Hunger Fund (Los Angeles, Dallas, San Antonio).
  • Real Life Exhibit– Medical Teams International hosts a permanent museum in Portland, OR. Virtual exhibits offer five distinct stories to explore refugee camps in Uganda, Bangladesh and Lebanon.
  • The Compassion Journey– traveling exhibit and digital immersive experiences available for attending or hosting. 
  • Pathways out of Poverty– Hope International asks you to consider the question: “Who is my neighbor?” As you journey through this multi-sensory exhibit, compelling audio and visuals work together to transport you from Lancaster, PA, into the stories of eight neighbors from around the world.








  • Joshua Project – Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the fewest followers of Christ. Accurate, updated ethnic people group information is critical for understanding and completing the Great Commission. 
  • Country Culture Guides: Available for 50+ different countries. Look up the country or countries you will be visiting and learn about the language, culture, customs and etiquette.

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