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Fundraising for Mission Trips

Developing a support base and the necessary funds to go on your mission trip might feel intimidating at first. Seeking the Lord and following His lead provides the best platform to invite friends and family to partner with God and what He is already doing in your life. It is a good idea for your trip funds to come from a combination of your own hard work and sacrifice as well as others that you invite to partner with you financially. If you feel confident that God wants you to go on a mission trip dare to believe that He will show up as your Provider!


Top Books


  • Give Send Go – Give Send Go’s simple reliable fundraising platform is the largest free Christian crowd funding website. Create your mission trip campaign and share via email and social media. You can even add gifts given in other ways to your campaign total so that it your remaining balance is always accurate.
  • One Mission – One Mission is a unique fundraising site combining high-impact product fundraising and crowdfunding. Think online shopping for apparel, candles, jewelry and art that your friends and family will love and you will receive 40% of sales going into your mission fund.
  • GroupRaise: Have a deliciously awesome group meal where the restaurant donates back a % of sales to your cause!
  • Raise Coffee: sell coffee to your friends/family. For every bag that’s sold on your campaign, you’ll make money to achieve your fundraising goal.  


  • Support Raising Solutions (48min)  with Steve Shadrach, Author of The God Ask, for encouragement as you begin the endeavor of support raising. 
  • The Power of Prayer and Financial Support in Missions (35min) Bill Evans has helped send out over 10,000 short term mission participants and has much wisdom to share on the topics of mission trip planning, fundraising, preparation, travel tips and more.

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  • Bonfire – Design inspiring and comfy t-shirts to sell and raise money for your trip. Bonfire handles all the logistics, printing and shipping and you collect a percentage of the sales.
  • Canva – Because it’s hard to raise support without good graphics these days. An image tells a story that provides a hook for an invitation to participate. Canva makes it easy to create professional looking graphics for all your fundraising needs: newsletters, Facebook group, social media posts etc. and it’s free.
  • Missionary Cards – For over 15 years, Missionary Cards.com has been assisting missionaries all over the world with prayer cards, magnets, mailing materials and displays to help them raise support.


Know of other tried and true FUNDRAISING resources that mission trip goers would benefit from? Send your ideas to: [email protected]

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