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Meeting Physical Needs

It’s hard to step into another culture or witness extreme poverty without making comparisons or mental lists of what you think is wrong or what you imagine they NEED. Please make use of a local contact to ASK those you are serving what their greatest needs are. Seek to address those physical needs in a way that honors the individuals involved and comes alongside established ministries and community leaders. Sharing the love of Jesus with others requires both word and deed, but before you start collecting items to hand out on your mission trip, make sure that your efforts will truly be received as the blessing they are intended to be.

Below you will find resources to help you think through and consider the decisions of what to give and how to serve in a mutually edifying way. In addition, supplies are listed for some of the most common physical needs you might encounter on your mission journeys.



Downloadable Docs

  • O.V.C (Orphans & Vulnerable Children) Guide – A guide provided by MissionExcellence (Formerly Standards of Excellence in Short Term Missions) that shows conversations and resources reevaluating and redefining how we serve orphaned and vulnerable children through short-term missions


Know of any podcasts that deal with meeting physical needs on a mission trip? Let us know what you’ve used and our team will consider adding it here. [email protected]


  • The Shoe That Grows Because International has created a shoe that expands 5 sizes & lasts for years. This shoe is a game changer for kids living in poverty.
  • Over the Counter Medical Packs – Ideal for those traveling without a health care professional, contains some of the most commonly requested non-prescription medicines and supplies.
  • The Pad Project The Pad Project makes washable, re-useable maxi pads for girls and women in impoverished areas of around the world. 
  • Uzima Water Filters– Whether you are looking for a long-term solution or an easy-to-use tool in case of emergency, they have the right water filter for you. They offer special discounts for nonprofits and volume purchasers.
  • The Priceless Cube  an educational tool for educating at-risk communities about the dangers and practices of human traffickers.


Know of any videos that deal with meeting physical needs on a mission trip? Let us know what you’ve used and our team will consider adding it here. [email protected]

Know of other tried and true resources that have helped you wrestle with and go prepared to MEET THE PHYSICAL NEEDS of those you encounter on a mission trip? Send your ideas to: [email protected]


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