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Make the most of your journey by capturing your thoughts, reactions and the images you see. You’re going to find some great resources here for mission trip journals and devotionals as well as tips on sharing your journey via photography, social media and in person once you return home. When you position yourself to learn, grow and be used by the Lord not only does this result in a journey of personal growth but you have the opportunity to speak into the lives of others as well. Humility, honesty and a desire to honor others through your mission trip pictures, posts and stories results in maximum Kingdom impact.




  • Short-Term Mission Trip Debrief Questions Taking time to process your trip is a key component of your overall experience. Set aside time to reflect on these questions and process them with other team members.


  • The Hands and Feet of Jesus  A YouVersion app developed by the MissionExcellece, formerly Standards of Excellence in Short Term Mission, this 14-day pre-trip devotion series is written with your short-term mission in mind as you prepare to be The Hands and Feet of Jesus. 


  • Social Media and Short-Term Missions – Shayna Winn talks about how she used social media to keep her church up-to-date on their summer short term mission teams and engage the congregation in prayer for the short-term teams. 


  • Go Journal This journal is designed to help deepen your walk with God and your relationships with others through your short-term mission trip.
  • Mission Trip Journals Each of these 12 distinct journals follows a format that provides 7 pre-trip devotional/journal entries, 10 while you are on-site and 7 to process things once you return from your trip.
  • The Mission Journal Choose from a 30 day devotional, 5 month journal option or their post trip journal all designed to help you capture, process and make the most of your mission trip. 

What other resources have you come across that provide a healthy framework or tools to CAPTURE YOUR mission trip JOURNEY and share it well? Send your ideas to: [email protected]

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