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Earning Money & Asking for Mission Trip Funds

earning funds

Many times when we ask others for financial help towards our mission trip, we don’t give them enough information. We leave them wondering:

How much do they really need? How much have they already raised? Have they given any of their own money? Is money the only thing they need? Are there other ways to help? 

The more details we give, the more people can give wisely. The more they will trust their money is being used wisely and the less it will sound like begging or a handout. Giving updates and thank yous will also help to cultivate relationships with those people for future giving. 

Tips/Ideas for Earning Your Own Money & Asking for Funds:

  • When asking, tell them the mission’s budget or total cost, what you have already raised, and your plans for raising more. What is the money covering- flights, food, lodging, application fee, passport, etc? If they think you only need $500, they might only give you $50. If they know you need $5,000 they might have given you $500. 
  • People like to know the effort and money you are putting forth, other than just sending a letter/email and asking for money outright. Are you deciding to forego your weekly coffee runs? Did you pick up a job on the side? Are you willing to mow lawns, tutor, or babysit for a date night (chore auction)? Let them know! 
  • Ask for frequent flyer miles to go towards your flights.
  • Ask for supplies that you may need while on mission: VBS supplies, bug spray, a personal water filter, Bibles, etc. 
  • Find a restaurant willing to donate a % of the day’s sales towards your mission. Once the date is picked, let your friends and family know to dine there that day in support. I once picked up discounted boxes of donuts from Krispy Kreme and sat with friends, in the rain, selling those donuts outside a large local business as they went through their shift change.
    • Check out Group Raise to search for restaurants in your area that offer similar programs.
    • Raise Coffee offers a percentage of every bag of coffee you sell to friends and family
  • Sell something. Hold a garage sale- get rid of those clothes and trinkets. Make a product. You don’t have to be super crafty. I made hot chocolate and instant coffee candy cane mochas in mason jars and sold to friends, family, and fellow grad school students one winter. T-shirts also sell well! 
  • Host an event. My church let a group of us hold a women’s tea social gathering. We decorated tables, dressed up, and sold tickets for a pot of tea, cookies, and a time of connection. 
  • Search for grants or sponsorships from corporations that have a philanthropy budget. 
  • Have a birthday or Christmas coming up? Ask for mission support in place of gifts. 

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Ashley Creason, has been on mission both domestically and internationally. 

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