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Sports Evangelism

Have serious basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, golf, or surfing skills? Want to use them to open doors for sharing what God has done in your life? Christian sports teams and sports outreach and evangelism trips can bring together your athletic skills and your love for Christ in a compelling way; a way that can change the lives of others, too.

“You would never have reached me in a church,” admits one sports fan, “but you caught me on the basketball court.” Today he’s not only a follower of Christ but also a pastor, due to a half-time message he heard at a Sports Ambassadors game.

“Sports are a major part of our world’s culture and touch a greater segment of the population each year,” observes another ministry, Sports Reach. This reality helps them share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many mission teams use sports and games to connect with those they serve, especially kids. Other field skilled teams play serious sports around the world as they share their lives and the gospel.

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